Don’t (Y)APP Too Much! – Part 2

In the first part of this blog, I mentioned about a few quirky apps. Now I will tell about a few apps that are useful and informative in our daily life.

Detailed Information and expert opinion on any topic was not an easily available material just a decade ago. Every family had a Big Uncle, Big Brother and the Old Aunt who was a walking Encyclopedia on matters of finance, career, health, cooking, custom & tradition, etc. Our offices too had the geeky workaholics who would give gyaan to the lesser morons around (these people were clever chaps. They never revealed to anyone the wrong decisions & blunders that they made!). We attributed their info-bank to their vast experience, whereas experience is nothing but a series of blunders and errors in our decisions.

ttech effect


Times have changed entirely now. We need not pamper these present day gadget Einsteins and the wise Socrateses, and with a swipe of your finger, you can dig deep into the information mines of any subject. The transformation of how we have been using gadgets can be best explained by the image aside.


To help you with fitness is the app “NoomWalker Pedometer” which keeps track of the number of steps you take everyday and calculates it into the miles that you would have walked the entire day.

“Calorie Counter” gives you the calorie contents of over two lakh dishes, and you can monitor your daily calorie intake. Women can now cook healthy food for their family, and stop the endless burps that their husbands would have after eating their wives’ dishes.


“PocketYoga” app has detailed audio-video instructions to help you practice Yoga from your home. This is for those who regret that they couldn’t train under the famous BKS Iyengar. Well, thank your stars that he did not train you! Iyengar was never the friendly, cordial Yoga teacher that you find these days. He was famous for his discipline and harsh methods of correcting his disciples, even using physical force.

His foreign disciples had kept a nickname for BKS – Beating, Kicking and Slapping Iyengar!

For those into stocks and shares (it always gives you ‘shocks and stares’ in return) you can read and understand the balance sheets and share values of companies through the various apps like “J Stock” and “Investar”.


And yes, you better read and understand yourself to invest in the stock markets and do not depend on the so-called market experts. Because, in the olden days, people would invest their money with someone who was wise and clever. Now, if someone in a suit and with a laptop claims he is a financial expert, people hide their money from him.

Then we enter our most favorite and popular world of social media apps – our daily elixirs of Facebook, Whatsapp, Wechat and Viber, etc. We have hundreds of friends now on Facebook, and our old uncles and our boss too is a ‘friend’. How can my manager be ever a good friend? It is like keeping a snake in your backyard, and assuming that it would bite only your neighbour , and spare you! (I hope I retain my job after my boss reads this).

selfie addiction


Though we are moving backward in our real life interactions with our friends and family, we are moving very forward in ‘forwarding the forwards’ ! Yes – we have stopped thinking anything original that is humorous or thoughtful. We don’t express any opinion or insight that we can call it as our own. We now ‘share and like’ other’s jokes and lengthy motivational posts.


Liking others’ photos on Facebook is the decider for you being a friend or not. Knowing about a person’s holiday trips is more important than knowing about a person’s attitude or his compatibility with us. No, I’m not cribbing. Social media is a wonderful tool to keep in touch with people whom we can’t meet because of constraints of time and distance. And, we are doing only that – Just keeping in touch, forever.

relationship phoneWith so many friends and friends of friends on Facebook, the multiple groups on Whatsapp (being the admin of a Whatsapp group is a very prestigious job today!), people still seek that one close friend or relationship that is missing in their lives. People feeling lonely, log into the various chatting sites and apps. Imagine that?

In a nation of one billion, people feel lonely and can’t connect closely to one single person. To be fair, wonderful relationships have bloomed online.

With a mere key board, lovers have poured out intense and passionate emotions that would shame even Shakespeare. Online couples have a great advantage – they can log out their irritating partner at any time, unlike the couples in real.

Krishna Jesus Final


Social media is a tool for us to make our lives productive, easy and importantly, more happy and beautiful. It should connect minds and hearts of us humans. Maybe a day would come when it would connect beings beyond this world. 



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