Don’t (Y)APP Too Much! – Part 1

Indians spend 3 hours 18 minutes everyday on their smartphones. An Indian checks his mobile phone 77 times in a day. These are the findings of a survey conducted by the mobile company Ericcson across India. Apart from that, the world now has more number of mobile phones than the number of people. Yes, our good old Mother Earth – she has now completely turned into a gadget freak!

Weighing scale

So we all are now totally immersed into our phones. We Indians used to bow our heads to our elders. But with economic freedom, we now lower our heads only to check our mobiles. We live in a nation of one billion, where there is no individual space and privacy, and what you whisper in your bedroom is heard by your neighbour in her kitchen! Yet, through our phones we have now found our own individual islands of privacy and secrecy. Did I say secrecy??

When has there ever been any secrecy in our lives? We Indians have always had a weakness to pass on the gossip about family and friends at such a high speed, that even a 4g internet cannot transmit. We conduct regular corporate style board meetings where the agenda is always the same – the board of directors comprising of uncles, aunts and neighbors and do a critical evaluation in threadbare detail about the academic, career, financial and personal matters of the members of their clan.

670px-Stop-Getting-Embarrassed-Around-Your-Crush-(for-Girls)-Step-1All of us have our little secrets and embarrassments to hide. The embarrassment when we could not recollect the name and details of an old friend, the jibe by our bosses in open  and the firing from our jobs, the recipe that went wrong when guests came home, etc


We always trumpeted our achievements in public, but hushed up our failures.

Really?? Think again – because here is an App called “Secret”, which is meant for those who want to share all their embarrassing and shameful secrets in public! And people are proudly displaying in public, like a Nobel Prize, all their shameful, humiliating experiences on this app.


This app is like the modern Confession Box at a Church, where all guilty feelings are poured out, and fellow-brothers and sisters egg you on (although there is already enough egg on your face!) to share all the disgusting things that you ever did!



Then there is a popular website and Facebook account called “”, where the photographs of bad, uncultured manners of passengers in flights are displayed.


The photos are secretly clicked by co-passengers and flight stewards, and posted on the website to shame the offending passenger.

The weird photos on the website undoubtedly prove that being financially superior; need not necessarily make a person culturally superior. So the next time you board a flight, mind your manners as the internet is watching your every move.

Continuing with the Hall Of Shame, there is an app “GymShamer”. This is a self-motivating app for you to be consistent with your gym routine.

gymshamerThe app connects you with your friends on Facebook, and if you miss your gym for one day, a message is flashed to all your friends about your laziness and indiscipline .

This is for those who are motivated to do things only to have a perfect image among others. That may be because we always want to have a body that is – “Neighbour’s Envy, Owner’s Pride”!


(To Be Continued…)


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